Thursday, January 24, 2008

Visual Orgasm

No, I'm not talking about anything kinky sicko, I'm talking about the release of U23D!! Though I was not lucky enough to attend the Sundance premiere in Park City, I was able to secure seats at the Salt Lake premiere of the flick. While I would never trade a live U2 show for anything, let me tell you why this was a better U2 experience.

First off, no queing all day.

Second, no stress as to whether or not I'm going to make it in the heart by random lotto which leads me into my third rant, not having to sneak yourself and 20 of your closest friends into the heart with you.

Next, there is no 7'3" Bryan Packer standing in front of you blocking your view of Bono and thinking he's hilarious!

Then there is the douche bag me who makes a huge sign that stupid Bono doesn't even understand. Sofa King Hot! I get it..why can't he?

Then there is genius Britta who for some reason thinks I am the black chick dancing with Bono. I digress.

Of course, U2 are consummate performers, and the entire performance is orchestrated to move along more like a theatrical performance than a traditional set-list of songs. Between Bono's sexy voice, Adam's bass that makes me feel like a natural woman, Larry's hypnotic drums and Edge's aggressive guitar...I am in Rock n' Roll Ecstacy. I may need a cigarette.


Britta said...

The title on this one is yucky!