Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am not dead inside after all...

I cried today. Grab your tissues.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless (sort of) Wednesday

Please tell me that Marc contacted some of you too? Anyone?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have You Seen Me?

It’s doubtful. I’ve missed so much lately because I’ve been absent from the blogging world. Let’s face it, I’ve just been absent lately. I have no idea where old Michelle is. She is there somewhere begging to come back, but I usually suppress her with a donut.

The last few months have been absolutely ridiculous for me in the luck department. Here’s just a *few* reasons explaining my absence:

Bruno, my very un-athletic dog, tore his ACL. It was awful. He cried and limped around and the only option the Dr. had for me was surgery. $2300 is no laughing matter. But all I could do was laugh because I can’t cry lately. I asked them how much it would be to just remove his leg (after all, he’s lived with one eye right?) They were appalled. Here’s a sad little tidbit. It would only cost $150 to euthanize my dog but $2300 to ensure he recovers. Goodbye rest of my savings. Post surgery, the surgeon tells me he has a 50-80% chance of now tearing the ACL in his other leg and to keep my dog from acting like a dog for the next 8 weeks. Lovely.

My laptop had a total hard drive crash. Goodbye 7 years of pictures and music. Did I back up? No. Why? I had ZERO clue I had to do that. Imagine how devastating that is. I want to cry, but I can’t. I also spent money trying to recover all the data but it didn’t work. One day later, my home PC also crashed. The day after that, my awesome phone that I love, started to kill over. Michelle Allison repels technology.

Night before Christmas, I was with some friends and we got in a car accident. My side was the side that was hit. It sucked, it also hurt. Sadly, Lori’s car got the worse of it. It could’ve been worse right? All I could do was laugh. This was getting ridiculous.

Week after that, got pulled over for not coming to a complete stop on a right hand turn. My first ticket since I was 16. The cop was a douche.

Week after Christmas, I decided it was time to go to the Dr. I’d been really sick with horrific stomach cramps and nausea. It turns out I’m pregnant. Lovely. Just kidding. I’m just constipated. The X-ray showed a good 10 lbs of crap inside of me. YAY! I felt so much better knowing what was wrong. He gave me some stuff to clean me out. Sadly, it didn’t work as well as he’d said and two days later I was back to feeling awful. I called the Dr. who told me I needed to go to the E.R. A nurse at worked thought it could be an intestinal blockage and they were very serious. I really want to cry at this point. The tears just aren’t there. I go to the E.R. on New Years Eve. Then I was discharged 3 hours later for a “spastic colon.” What the crap?!?

Days later, I got a notice from Murray City to appear in Court. I have two different case numbers. This is just getting ridiculous. One is to appear because of my traffic violation. The cop wrote me down for not having insurance. I GAVE him my insurance card, but because it had expired, I’m being sent to court. The second offense is for not having my dogs licensed. I have both of them licensed. Apparently when my dogs got picked up by Murray City Animal Control for chasing the ducks (I’ll tell you later) they had me register my pup. I did. Apparently I missed a step and didn’t register it with the Courts.
Murray City, I hate you.

Last week, my boss Bruce changed offices. He conveniently scheduled the move the week of the inauguration in D.C. when he’d be gone. A big thank you to Dad, Uyen, Lowder and Amy who helped me rock it out. It took up too much of my life for a month. Thank heaven it’s over. Bruce, thanks for the expensive lunch we took ourselves to. You paid for it.

SO…that is just a glimpse in my life the last little bit. I won't even mention my mental state of being. It can’t rain all the time, right? Oh wait…I did just get pulled over again for speeding. That one I deserved. :)

I’m back!