Friday, January 11, 2008

Get Outta My Dreams, And Into My Car

After weeks of praying that gas prices would drop, I finally gave up and decided to trade in my gas guzzling SUV. So I bought a new compact, gas friendlier car and remembered why I stopped driving a stick shift 10 years ago. I suck. Time hasn't changed, I still suck and am continually reminded of that each time I attempt to get her out of first gear.

For anyone who's ever gone through the process of buying a new vehicle, you understand when I say !@#$%$!@#$%*$ truly these car salesman are the dreggs of society, and quite frankly a bunch of aholes.

My experience with the sales jerks reminded of an excerpt from my year book by Ms. Congdon in high school that said, "Michelle, you are incredible. So much zest for life and a complete con artist. I know you'll end up selling used cars one day and I'll be stupid enough to buy one from you. I shall never forget you, though I will try."


Britta said...

Was it really that easy? YES! I love the post and can't wait for you to hit your blog up with some tunes!!! And again, muchos congrats to you my not-a-beauty-school-drop-out friend!!!! xoxo bv

ps your car is so not that color!