Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Being Friendly To Everyone Isn't Always A Good Thing

Don't you love that feeling when you know someone has a crush on you? It's almost empowerment. You feel more confident, you feel sassy, and most of all, you feel downright hot.


When the person who has a crush on you looks a little something like this...
oh yeah...and she's a WOMAN!!!

Britta's neighbor loves me. Not only that, but my new lady friend has been to prison. Not only that, she asked me to make her more cupcakes. One time I gave her and her girlfriend some cupcakes but now I wonder if she saw them and thought it was some innuendo. They were beautiful creamish frosted cupcakes with 1 little blueberry in the center for decoration. I saw a cupcake. I have no doubt she saw a nipple.


bv said...

Remember that kid on the playground that use to throw the ball at your head???

Did you really say the word "nipple" to her tonight? Was she really wearing "man loafers" ealier??? Did you really look for the penny?

bv said...
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bv said...

and just so you know we haven't totally confirmed that she actually is a chick. the kids are convinced she is a he and she also refers to herself as a he

so thus far you are the only one thinking he is a she or that she is a she...whatever

Aaron and Angie Olson said...

That is hilarious Michelle. You are so flippen funny. I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh everytime, but I honestly would have never saw a nipple coming on the cupcake. What a hot crush.

JennJam said...

Oh, my word Mich, you are too much! What is wrong with you, giving double entendre confections to people who look like they come from West Virginia?! (WV, not VA. Like Ed, who owns a bowling alley and is a lawyer, two different things.)

What's next, a cake shaped like a rocket ship, now that you think she might actually be a well-disguised 'he??!!' ha ha ha ha!!

I (heart) you!

[My blog, coming soon - beware!]


The Lingwalls said...

Why did you give "her" nipple cupcakes in the first place??? You're just asking for prison love! Watch out! Her girlfriend will cut you!