Friday, March 21, 2008

Small Victories

Though this isn't really blog worthy, I was quite pleased with myself for installing a new door knob. I'm not the best candidate for home ownership as I don't know how to do squat in the home improvement arena, nor do I have a husband that takes care of it all. I would like to thank my tough dyke toolbox for suprisingly having a
"5 prong thingy" ...what Bob Villa calls a Phillips Screwdriver. I am so proud of myself. I should go fix a drain pipe or something.


April said...

I am so proud of you, now you can come fix something at my house, Brad is always too busy to do anything.

Carrie Hanson said...

DON'T do ANYTHING that involves plumbing! Seriously, I took that on when Lori and I lived together and let me tell you that the amount of booger covered hairballs will make you VOMIT for a week! I still dry heave when I think about it. Stick with doorknobs and light fixtures, those make you feel like a champ.

The Lingwalls said...

Pa-leeze! A dinky door knob? I thought you were dykier than that! Just kidding, I am so proud of you!

I really need to drop off your b-day present one of these days! They're some MAC lip gloss thingy ma bobs.

Britta said...

Forget the door knob...I'm way impressed that A) you posted and B) you included an image!

Adalie thanks you for the yummy cookie and I thank you for the fun lunch date!

Happy Easter!