Friday, March 14, 2008

30, Flirty and Thriving? er...

On the eve of my 30th birthday, I felt the need to jot down thoughts about turning
30. Until this week, I've been a big proponent of the 30's until I read some stupid fact about women and calcium. Then panic set in. Why this sudden need to re-evaluate my life and health not to mention feel inferior about what I haven't yet
accomplished. Where is the "30's for Dummies" book when I need it?

In two days, I will officially be closer to 40 than 20.

In only a few short years, I'll be expected to get regular mammograms!

I heard I may have a prime but I'm no closer to being able to abuse it.

U2 is one of those old people bands! Remember when you knew old people who LOVED the Grateful Dead or the Stones and you never understood the appeal and just dismissed it as old people music? The girls at my school think U2 are old school nor do they know who Huey Lewis is. Kill me.

People also feel sorry for me because I'm not married yet. As if being single is not by my own choice or that I'm desperately seeking spouse. This is not the case. Then there are the dip wads that use "You can always be like Sheri Dew" to them I say, bite me. I would corrupt the youth of today.

So, while I am in the middle of my quarter life crisis, I decided to try and see the half full side of things and admittedly, have so much to be grateful for. I have the most amazing and supportive friends and family that anyone could ever ask for. I have two puppies that I can't imagine my life without, I have incredible taste in music which is something not everyone is blessed with. I have a roof over my head, a job that allows me to pursue my passions of concerts and traveling. I have a body that serves me well. Though I am not to my goal weight or size, I am very healthy and glad to finally know that people love me for who's inside and how I make them feel and not my pant size. I have a zest for life and love to surround myself with people who feel the same.

Am I making the most of this journey? Hell yes.


Amy, Spencer, and Kids said...

Happy Birthday Shell!

Britta said...

i heart you! happy birthday douche!!!!

The Lingwalls said...

You are a gorgeous crackup! Welcome to the 30's club ho!

Jeff and Melissa: said...

Um, what does that one twit say? - "Don't lie about your age, defy it!"? Yeah baby! (It's actually good advice.) You know how I feel about "30s" - love it. And you, girl, have done more than many have by 30, so embrace your beautiful more-calcium-needed self! I say just don't be THAT weird woman at the mall in the teen-beat section of the store trying on leg warmers or some overt trend that's gone full-circle cuz you think you're still 16 at heart. AT HEART is the key to remember. ;-) You don't see Hallie Barry trying to look 20, and she's just about the sexiest thing around.
OK, so much for some clever sound bite wrapped in a single sentence. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kristin said...

Like I said, I'm WAY behind. You are so amazing! I'm SO out of it and jealous of those who are still "in" with you. I'm sorry I haven't been there more... too self-absorbed I guess. Love you and hope you had a fabulous 30th!