Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A very small world

So most of you have heard by now about this crazy Ricin story that is making national headlines. Here's the re-cap:

Man in Vegas found in coma and authorities found he'd been exposed to lethal doses of Ricin. The only legal use for Ricin is used in conjunction with Cancer research or treatments and one of the most toxic uses to man. Anyway, authorities later linked coma guy to his cousin Tom Tholen who happens to live here in Salt Lake.
Tom Tholen is charged with lying to the authorities about the production of the Ricin. Oh yeah...and I used to date his son.

Its been about ten years since I've seen him. From what I recall, Tom did serve in the military long ago and I always laughed about his government conspiracy comments and protecting his family but I was also 20 years old. What the hell did I know? I am not saying that he made a good choice, by keeping information from the authorities but I know he is a very good man who had no intentions of ever hurting anyone. My thoughts are with you Tholens!


Britta said...

Can I just call you Side Show Bob?! Seriously, you have the craziest interactions/circumstances/connections. Being your friend is like watching a three ring circus!

Thanks for always keeping me so well entertained! I heart you!


(and thanks for the mac and cheese yesterday! life is always better with a calorie filled lunch with a friend!)

Kristin said...

Seriously, I have to echo Britta, is there anyone you're not connected with somehow. Anyway, you give a very interesting perspective to the story.


Kristy said...

I love that you always date the most amazing people! I thought that I had some great story's of bad men but you take the cake my friend. How have you been we miss you all, we need to come hang out soon!

Mitzi said...

Wow - the story has been pretty prominent down here in Vegas too - and I've heard the name at least a dozen times, but I never made the connection before... That's crazy!

And P.S. - Thanks for your comments on the "energy to discipline" blog - some days I need all the encouragement I can get! :) Love ya!