Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday, my mother had to say goodbye to her baby. My brother Ryan left for his mission right before her birthday. The tears were agonizing for all, but my poor mother was dealing with a heartache beyond what any of us could comprehend. I know she is aching and I know that this is going to be a hard birthday for her.

I have the most incredible mother in the world. For as long as I can remember, my mother has always told us kids we were the loves of her life. Her actions have never made us doubt that love for one second. Mom has always been there for every special event in our life...such as dance recitals, soccer games, shopping for dances, and she was even there when I got suspended in school for trying acid. Ok, that part is a joke...sort of. I didn't get suspended. :)

I was also very proud to show my mother off. I thought my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world and when it was bring your parents to school day,I would beg her to wear my favorite outfit with her pretty heels. I would always stare at her because I thought she was so beautiful. Vickie and I were fortunate to have 7 years of just the two of us. Some of my favorite memories with my mother were going to Pineview every Saturday to swim. I would lay on top of her on top of the floatie and we would float on the water for hours just laying there together. I also remember that she really loved The Carpenters, Barry Manilow and The Letterman and we'd dance all the time in our little apartment...and during slow dances she'd let me step on her feet and she would lead. Every night, she'd throw a record on the old player and we would sit in the rocker and rock before bedtime. We would talk and talk and then she'd carry me into bed and tuck me in.

I know my mother struggled being a single mother but she made sure I never went without and I don't ever remember wanting for anything. In fact, if memory serves, I wasn't very happy when she married my step-father.

My mother has always been my biggest fan. She always challenges me to be a little bit better. She teaches me how to love and about God through her example of how much she loves and serves others with no expectation. She takes a very active interest in my life and my friends and truly loves who I love...except those who've hurt me, and they can all burn in dare you hurt her baby?!? Whenever we hurt, she ached. I love children, and can't wait to be a mother someday. Hopefully I'll do my mother's love, justice.

My mother lives in my laughter.

Happy Birthday Mommy!


lizzo said...

I got a little emotional reading this...what a great woman. Now I know where you come from.

Melissa: said...

Like mother, like daughter... Both incredibly beautiful! xo, Miss

PS: Yes, that song is by Everything But The Girl! I've listened to it @ 1 million times - not exaggeration. ;-)

looori said...

Mich, that was sweet. I have always admired your relationship with your mom and I can tell that you love her very much, even when you were on acid that ONE time!!!

Happy 'Glad she made it out of her momma's vagina' DAY!!!

The Lingwalls said...

WoW! You used to be cute!
Happy Birthday Vickie!

Earl Family said...

I've always admired the relationship you have with your mom. She's still as beautiful as I remember her to be the last time I saw her, like 10 years ago :) Tell her happy birthday from us!

April said...

Yeah! I love both you and your mom. And yes as I recall you were not too happy about Steve rocking your world. Glad you are finally over it :) It was so good seeing your whole family at Ryan's farewell, they are about the only thing I miss in the old neighbor hood. Love ya!

Kristin said...

Wow! I can't believe how little I know about you... and important stuff too. That was a beautiful post... thank you for sharing!